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4790 West 16th Street Indianapolis, IN 46222
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Just after 3 p.m. ET on April 8, 2024, Indianapolis will experience darkness for 3 minutes, 46 seconds as the moon completely covers the sun while passing between the Earth and sun. It will be the first time in 819 years that a total solar eclipse will be visible in Indianapolis and the only total solar eclipse to occur until August 2044. 

To celebrate this once-in-a-generation event, IMS will host an exciting day of programming and festivities that will feature Purdue experts, alumni, students and more. Because of its ideal viewing location within the path of totality, IMS is one of three primary partner locations where NASA will stage a live broadcast of its eclipse coverage. 

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Event Details

  • Erica N Daugherty
  • Abbas Shafiee
  • Rahul Suryakant Sakhare

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