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The Executive Forum is open to the public, as seating permits, and provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas and discussion of topics and issues facing business and management.


Jocelyn Wong is recognized as a business strategist and architect who anticipates trends, creates new possibilities and leverages data to create long-term success.  Her 25+ year career has included leadership roles in the consumer-packaged goods space, a variety of retail formats, and in the fast growing on-demand delivery platform sector.  She has led game changing product launches and initiatives across industries ranging from beauty to power tools.  She has received numerous industry awards and prides herself on being a passionate, data obsessed Brand Building Innovator.


Jocelyn currently sits on the Board of Directors for 4 different companies spanning very different industries and business models including a healthy snack startup company based in San Francisco to a marketing agency focused on connected commerce.


Her most recent role was the Chief Customer Officer of Gopuff, a late stage-startup that delivers consumer goods in less than 30 minutes in over 650 US cities.  Her role consisted of building the marketing organization, launching a holistic Brand Strategy and Campaign, and over-seeing merchandising.  Prior to Gopuff, Jocelyn was the Chief Marketing Officer at Lowe’s, a $70B home improvement retailer.  For nearly 4 years, she had responsibility over digital marketing, creative strategy and production as well as product marketing and managed a nearly $1B marketing budget and led an organization of 300+people.  Her earlier experiences included a variety of roles at Safeway, Family Dollar as well as Procter and Gamble, where she began her career as a Process Engineer before transitioning into Brand Management.


Jocelyn has a bachelor degree in Food Process Engineering from Purdue University.  One of the most impactful moments in her life was in her sophomore year when she won a school competition for “most creative use of soybeans”.  This single event is what led her down a path to pursue a career she not only loved but excelled at; marrying the technical aspect of engineering with the creativity of marketing to solve real world problems.


The highlight of her entire career was giving the commencement speech at her alma mater, Purdue University in 2021.


She and her husband Patrick, along with their 3 kids, Jada, Liam and Kira, currently reside in Charlotte, NC.  She is a constant “dreamer” and is always exploring new areas of interest to pursue and challenge her.  She loves food (cooking and eating) as well as planning adventures around the world for her family to enjoy.

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