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Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business, Krannert Auditorium, Room 140 View map
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The Executive Forum is open to the public, as seating permits, and provides opportunities for the exchange of ideas and discussion of topics and issues facing business and management.


As Vice President of Operations at OBXtek, Jennifer has been able to help the company grow from a small business doing manual tasking to a mid-tier, competitive government contracting firm with an agile mindset. Her focus is always on continuous improvement and scaling towards process automation for continual growth. Jennifer firmly believes that you should learn about all the job functions and as much of the work environment that surrounds you - you never know when that information is going to be useful. She takes pride in building high performing teams and making sure that everything she and her team deliver is adding value to the company, the business, and the future.


Throughout her IT career as a Project Manager, Jennifer was able to learn and be involved in every stage of the software development lifecycle, from requirements gathering all the way to post-production helpdesk. This made her an ideal candidate to be one of the first four certified scrum masters at Verizon. She went on to receive her Scaled Agile Framework certification and helped lead the agile transformation in the Program Management Office at Verizon Enterprise.


After leaving Verizon, Jennifer became the Program Management Office (PMO) Director at OBXtek and established the company's first Program Management Office (PMO), standardized the strategic goals process by migrating it to Microsoft Power BI providing leadership a centralized location to monitor progress, and built an in-house capture and planning management tool for business development to streamline their processes and create efficiencies. She has expanded operational planning to establish the foundation for the company’s outyear projections, developed and established the company’s first transition process that has been marked as a company strength by multiple government clients, and developed and implemented operation strategies and objectives ensuring achievement of organization’s goals and objectives.


When Jennifer is not busy with her teenage twins or pampering her dog, Mackey, she finds time to volunteer for worthy causes such as Boulder Crest, a nonprofit organization committed to improving the physical, economic, spiritual and emotional well-being of veterans and their families post-trauma, and Cake4Kids, an organization that bakes and delivers homemade birthday cakes and other treats to at-risk and underserved youth in the Northern Virginia area.

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